Lawrence Goldfarb Criminal Justice PartnersLawrence Goldfarb Criminal Justice Partners was formed by Lawrence Goldfarb, the Executive Director of The Lawrence Goldfarb Judicial Reform Foundation and CEO and Founder of  LRG Capital Group, in response to overwhelming calls to the Foundation to help individual defendants that were subject to prosecutorial abuse and/or irrational or inequitable treatment by the American judicial system. Lawrence Goldfarb Criminal Justice Partners provides guidance from a trustworthy prison consultant for anyone facing abuse from the criminal justice system.

Mr. Goldfarb received his law degree cum laude from Georgetown Law School in 1984 and was admitted to, and wrote for, the Georgetown Law Journal. He was a legislative aide to Senator Jacob Javits and has always been involved in legislative and judicial issues.

Mr. Goldfarb fought a well-publicized 10-year battle with the U.S. judicial system which changed his life and was the impetus for him to now dedicate his time and activism to help people that are subjected to the inequities and corruption within the American criminal justice system. Mr. Goldfarb is an author and well known advocate for the overhaul of the American criminal justice and penal system and for the repeal of irrational sentencing guidelines